Dumpsters for renovation & demolition projects

The real estate market is booming in the greater Toronto area including the western communities and many people are looking to buy older homes in an effort to reno and upgrade.

This is very true of Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Milton. Home owners are gutting their premises or, at least, tearing up the floors and doing a refresh on the home to bring up property values or to have a more beautiful home to live in.

We bring the bin to your renovation project

When you demolish the floor or drywall, there’s going to be a lot of garbage to get rid of. Construction debris will certainly be an issue you are going to want to deal with in a safe and efficient manner.

A dumpster rental is the ideal way to handle this renovation issue. Here’s how it works

1) When you plan the demolition or construction project you’ll want to bring in a mini-bin or dumpster that will be delivered to your driveway.

2) It will be carefully dropped off so as not to cause any damage to the asphalt or brickwork. So it can safely sit near the work site without disrupting the flow of foot traffic.

3) Call us at Purple Dumpster at (905) 769-0387. We will schedule a container rental for your start date and you can rent it by the week. You pay a flat rate plus an initial tonnage charge.

4) Place your construction debris and junk into the dumpster.

5) Call us at the end of the rental for hassle free pick up.