Garbage collection in Toronto – not enough?

Garbage Collection in Toronto - not always enough

There’s a limit to the volume of garbage that City of Toronto will pickup from your home or business. Garbage collection in Toronto is limited to residential and business allocations. There are surcharges for addition bags. You can buy special tags from your local Canadian Tire to have the city pick up extra bags. These cost around $15.

Toronto Garbage Collection inadequate?

What if you have a lot of lawn or landscape waste? Or storm debris? What if the junk in your basement is too much for your garbage collection to handle? Or your renovation garbage can’t be hauled away by the city?

Rent a dumpster for junk removal when Toronto garbage services can’t help

For the most efficient home or business clean up, you’ll want to rent a dumpster. And that’s what we provide at Purple Dumpster. We handling your extra junk removal. We park a beautiful big bin at your curb and you load it and we ship it away. No need to leave bags by the curb and purchase extra tags and worry about over sized items.

Here’s how it works:

1) Call us at (905) 769-0387
2) We send the dumpster to your premises for a week
3) You fill it.
4) Call us and we pick it up – JOB DONE!

You pay a flat fee and the first ton is included. And you get great service to boot!

Call Purple Dumpster at (905) 769-0387 – we are the Garbage Collection Experts in Toronto, when the City can’t help!