How to rent a dumpster without hassles in Toronto

Like anything in life, it’s nice to suffer as little stress as possible when renting a dumpster. Especially for the Toronto area. Here are some points to consider before you make that call…

1) Plan ahead! Knowing what time frame you will need the bin enables for a smooth delivery and pick up.

2) Know the bylaws in your city concerning where bins can be left (often times, parking it on the street may not be an option) so making room in your driveway is essential.

3) Check your weather forecast! If the job time is flexible ~ waiting for optimal weather conditions make for happy loading!

4) If you live in an urban area subject to traffic delays consider booking a bin time for off-hours to minimize the chance of any delays for pick up or deliveries.

5) Put a tarp on it! Tarping  your bin (whether filled, partially filled or empty and waiting to be filled) will help minimize the chance of “unwanted drop – offs” by strangers! It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on your bin so you’re not subject to strangers taking advantage of a dumpster. Plus a tarp will help keep the weather off your load.

6) Remember do not overload the dumpster rental or toss in any items that are not accepted (please see our website for any of those articles). It’s best to not go above the rails of the dumpster. Also ensure the doors are closed upon completion of loading or we won’t be able to pick the bin up.