How to save money on your dumpster rental

How to save money on your dumpster rentalWant to save money on your dumpster rental? A few things you should consider when ordering a dumpster rental can result in a large savings at the end of the day.

Always book in advance and plan for a short time frame, unless your  project will absolutely take a week or more.  The fewer the days the less expensive the dumpster rental will cost you.

If you only need a weekend, with a delivery Friday and pickup Monday this could save you $10 to $15.  The reason for this is that your bin can be rented again quicker and the company usually is in a dumpster shortage come spring.

Make sure you order a dumpster that is big enough to hold your waste. Just no sense in ordering two bins when the bin size doesn’t really effect the price as long as it’s under 18 yards. Dumpsters over 18 yards require special licensing and that means extra expense for the rental company, so the renter will also pay more.

Making sure the company recycles will help your cost. The reason is that if they take an old couch from your bin and donate or restore this  item then you don’t pay for the weight at the dump. A little savings here and there save a lot in the end.

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