We created this Bin Rental Blog to provide a series of articles we created to help you with your cleanup projects, as well as yard waste removal, garbage clearing and general debris management.

Dumpster Rentals for Spring Cleaning Everyone suffers from varying degrees of  ”collectivitis” (which is a common condition of accumulating WAY too many things over a lifetime) whether it’s that broken swing set that you need a tetanus shot just to look at or those old cupboards from the last kitchen
Rent a Dumpster: Questions answered by the experts at Purple Dumpster RENTING A DUMPSTER will be a painless experience if you are prepared and ready to ask the right questions upon booking. Here are several questions you can ask with a small explanation to make a better-informed decision on your rental.
Like anything in life, it’s nice to suffer as little stress as possible when renting a dumpster. Especially for the Toronto area. Here are some points to consider before you make that call… 1) Plan ahead! Knowing what time frame you will need the bin enables for a smooth delivery