Storm clean up tips for Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill & North York

Storms are a fact of life. They can fell trees, blow debris around and cause a huge mess. You can count on at least one big storm each year whether it is unpredictable spring and summer weather or more certain fall and winter storms that cause carnage in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham and other local areas.

Here are some great tips from Purple Dumpster that you’ll find handy when considering your a storm clean up project when you begin to clear the garden waste away.

1) Create a plan. Prepare for the project by choosing the right tools. You’ll need overalls, garden gloves, a chain saw, gasoline, a rake or six, and miscellaneous cutting and trimming gear.

2) Hire a dumpster rental so debris can be place in a single container and removed by truck. Call ahead to book your seven day rental.

3) Hire help. Moving large limbs and fallen branches can be hard work. Be sure that you have a safety plan. Don’t work yourself too much at once. Purple Dumpster can assist with extra hands, call our help line and we’ll do it for you!

4) Drink lots of water. Cool days are no excuse to not drink fluids as you work yourself physically.

5) Keep an eye out for debris that may have fallen on hydro or utility wires. Call your utility for help and advice if that’s what you find.

5)Bag the small stuff. Once the large debris has been removed and placed into your skip or mini-bin for removal, neatly clean up the smaller stuff with a rake and place into heavy duty yard waste bags (paper yard waste bags can be purchased at Canadian Tire) so it doesn’t spill and get blown by a gust.

6) Be opportunistic. Use the opportunity to get rid of anything in your house, garage or basement that you don’t want. It can go into your dumpster too. If there is extra space in the container use it, especially if you are under the included tonnage amount.

7) Stay Safe. If you use a chain saw, read all the safety procedures and keep animals and small kids away from the work site to maintain safety for all.

8) Contract the heavy stuff. Often your local city crew won’t collect tree limbs larger than 15 cm (six inches) so put these in your dumpster so your dumpster rental company like Purple Dumpster can truck it away.

If you need answers to questions, call us at (905) 769-0387 and we will be pleased to advise your team on how to work safely and successfully.