Got Junk Alternative: Rent a Purple Dumpster crew

If you’re considering using some company that says its “got junk” for your junk removal needs, you should be an informed consumer. You’ll likely have to:

  • Estimate the junk removal volume yourself ahead of time and worry about the final price
  • The junk company won’t tell you the final price until the truck is loaded.
  • You are not dealing with a family owners – you’re dealing with a franchise owner, who may not live up to high service levels
  • Deal with casual, temporary or immature workers
  • Pay a higher price

Purple Dumpster with Friendly Junk Removal Crew – The Got Junk Alternative

When you hire Purple Dumpster for your junk removal, you’ll avoid all the inconveniences that come with Got Junk service rental. Hire our friendly crew and we take anything you need removed, just call us ahead to verify. We will recycle your junk or reuse it whenever possible.

  • Rent a dumpster and pay one simple rate – the rental which includes one week plus the first  ton free. Do it yourself
  • Or hire our friendly efficient team to load the dumpster for you. No pain, no hassle, just great service.

Contact us at (905) 769-0387 and we would be happy to chat and show you how we can impress you with our great service!