Do Not Load ListSince the contents of your rented dumpster will be dumped in a landfill you can’t throw anything in the dumpster that might be harmful to the environment or our workers while in transit.

Here is a list of items you can’t put in your rented dumpster…

Absolutely NONE of the following…

  • Appliances with freon (fridges, freezers or AC units) unless drained
  • Tires of any kind
  • Car parts
  • Chemicals of any kind
  • Concrete, cement, brick or stone
  • Top soil
  • Sod
  • Gas cans
  • Paint or empty paint cans
  • Propane tanks

Do not load tires into rented dumpster binsAny debris of great weight is not allowed mainly because it would stress/break our equipment if it’s too heavy, and definitely increase your final dump ticket weight!

Just about everything else is fine.

We ask you to play by the rules for the safety of our drivers, transfer workers and our environment. If you’re not sure, it pays to ask. If in doubt – leave it out!
Call us if you are unsure at: 905-299-1024

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