Mini Dumpster Sometimes, you have a small size of garbage to dispose of, and you get the dumpster that is too large to deal with the smaller size of trash. Apparently, it will cost you higher, so you will be looking for the dumpster as per the size of your project.

This is where the mini dumpster comes in the play as it has several benefits, and some are as given below:

Mini Dumpster Benefits

  1. User-Friendly Size: It has a small size that allows it to fit typical residential driveways easily. Thus, you will be able to fill the junk or debris in the dumpster quickly.
  2. Capacity: It can hold up to 12 cubic yards of debris, which is enough to deal with smaller size projects.
  3. Prevent Unnecessary Damages: Commercial or large dumpster can lead to damage the driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and garden. With a mini-dumpster, you can prevent such damages.
  4. Affordable: As compare to other dumpsters, the mini dumpster is affordable and don’t require the extra labor to handle the material.
  5. Versatile: Due to its small size, the mini dumpster is easy to load. Additionally, it can deal with almost any quantity of junk, trash or debris from a variety of projects.

To know more about mini dumpster, feel free to contact us at Purple Dumpster. We specialize in providing garbage bin rental services in Ontario that best fit your project needs and your budget. We have a team of licensed professionals that serve our residential and commercial clients, making the junk removal process simple, quick and efficient.