We created this Bin Rental Blog to provide a series of articles we created to help you with your cleanup projects, as well as yard waste removal, garbage clearing and general debris management.

Removal of old couches and sofas is a challenging task. Getting unwanted items out of your home can never be easy for an individual. But you have to do it as it causes many issues. The old upholstery in your home is not only covering extra space but also create
With a population of over 36,400, Malton, is a neighbourhood of Mississauga and is located in Southern Ontario with a large need for residential and commercial dumpster rentals. Physically, Malton is part of the Greater Toronto Area and its geographic position puts it roughly in the north part of Mississauga
Want to save money on your dumpster rental? A few things you should consider when ordering a dumpster rental can result in a large savings at the end of the day. Always book in advance and plan for a short time frame, unless your  project will absolutely take a week or more.  The fewer
If you’re considering using some company that says its “got junk” for your junk removal needs, you should be an informed consumer. You’ll likely have to: Estimate the junk removal volume yourself ahead of time and worry about the final price The junk company won’t tell you the final price
Bin rental prices can vary all over the map, because companies have all kinds of service fees and extras. We don’t. Here is our very simple formula for bin rental pricing. When you rent a bin from us at Purple Dumpster: Bin rental prices $177 for the dumpster for one