If you are looking for a bin  rental for your residential or business clean-up project in Erin then here is pricing for the Wellington County area.
Erin Prices

Bin rental prices for Erin and area

1 week rental: per week
Tonnage rate: per ton (1st ton)
Tonnage rate: per ton (additional tons, pro-rated)

Taxes are applicable, however there are no additional fees or hidden charges. No gas surcharge or delivery or pickup fees.

If you would like to learn more you can contact us at Purple Dumpster and our friendly staff would be glad to answer your questions. Or book your bin rental online now.

About Purple Dumpster

We are a family owned business based in the community of Campbellville not far from Erin. Our dumpster rental trucks are in Wellington County most days of the week, so it’s easy for us to schedule a bin rental for your home or business.

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