Garbage bin rentals made easy in Bowmanville

Looking for a dumpster rental in Bowmanville. At Purple Dumpster, we can provide an easy rental of a bin that you can load yourself for a cleanup or junk removal project at your home or business.

Our large walk-in dumpster bins are great for:

  • Any decluttering project
  • Junk removal or junk reduction
  • Disposal of a large volume of garbage, debris or waste.
  • Demolition or renovation project.
  • Landscaping cleanup or yard redesign
  • Storm cleanups
  • Garage, attic or basement cleanouts.
  • Or maybe you have an exotic cleanup project, like the elephant enclosure at the Bowmanville Zoo.

If you are planning a project like these (or one of the more detailed projects below), then you have come to the right place…We can help you with your bin rental here at Purple Dumpster. We can deliver and pickup your dumpster rental in Bowmanville – at your home or business.

Here’s how to make that easy on yourself. The info below was created to help you with bin rental needs.

How does a dumpster rental in Ajax work?

We are sure you have seen dumpster bins in back alleys behind some local businesses or in the driveways of a neighbour. We can rent you a home-sized version of a similar garbage dumpster that is clean and painted purple. Then, here is what happens next…

Book a dumpster bin rental with us

  • You call us at 905-299-1024 and let us know when you need the dumpster bin and for what period of time. One week rentals are typical but we can increase or decrease the time you need. Simply tell us what time period you need.
  • When you book, our staff lets you know the price, which includes a flat weekly rental rate for the actual dumpster container, and a one-ton initial weight charge. Delivery and pickup is included in the rental rate.
  • You can pay by a Mastercard or Visa or if you wish, you can arrange to pay with cash, if you prefer.
  • Our Purple Dumpster driver is a dumpster expert. He or she will deliver the bin to your home or business. You will receive a clean and empty easy-load bin to fill. (See dumpster sizes – you can choose the size you need. Or tell us what you will use it for and we will recommend a bin size.)

Dumpster rental prices – made simple

Our pricing is very simple. We charge you an initial one week rental (7 days) for the dumpster. Drop off and pick up is included. We also charge you for one ton of loaded garbage, debris or junk. Additional tons or partial tons are charged to you after pickup.

Learn more about our affordable Bowmanville bin rental rates here.

Garbage bin rental delivery

Our garbage bin rental delivery person will deliver and position the dumpster on your property where you will be able to easily access and load debris and garbage into it. You can specify where you would like it placed, if you prefer. Just let us know when you book your bin with us. We make a dumpster rental as easy as possible for you.

Bin rental loading process

  • You and your clean-up team fill the dumpster during the rental period. Please keep in mind the safety of the people who help you load the dumpster.
  • Ensure that you do not overload the bin. Don’t stack anything over the top edge of the dumpster. Ask our staff if you would like some dumpster loading tips.
  • We would be happy to give you any information that you need to ensure a safe, uncomplicated cleanup project .
  • Load in any garbage, debris, junk or unwanted material during the rental week. Most materials are allowed. However we aware of a few exceptions. Be advised: Environmentally hazardous (and toxic) materials are prohibited. Check our do not load list. We can advise as to what materials will not be receivable by us at the time of rental. It is very important these key guidelines are followed to ensure a problem-free dumpster rental. We are required to limit some hazardous materials because, by law, disposal of these material require special procedures.
  • Our team can advise you if you have disposal materials that we cannot take. They will do their best to refer you to someone who can help you handled them.

Dumpster rental return

  • When your rented dumpster is full and the rental period is over we will arrive with our truck and the driver will load the dumpster safely into the truck and will drive it away for disposal.
  • We recycle materials (where possible) when we sort the dumpster contents at our facility. We then safely and legally dispose of any non-recyclable garbage or junk.
  • Next, we hope you choose to become a repeat customer, because you are pleased by our service, fair pricing and how we help you make your clean-up project easy and successful. Please call or email us with any compliments or concerns.
  • You might even contact us to book your next dumpster rental, refer us to a friend, or post a five-star review on our Google Review area. If you would like to do this, please click here.

If you have any queries about dumpster rentals for your home or business, please call or email our office.
Phone: 905-299-1024

How to reach our customer service staff for Bowmanville

For dumpster rental advice and any questions relating to bin rentals for your community, including local garbage bylaws relating to cleanups, debris and garbage disposal, junk removal, and dumpster related issues, call our dumpster rental hotline at 905-299-1024

We look forward to serving you!

What can I load into the dumpster if I want to use it for junk removal?

With a few exceptions you can load most junk items into your rented dumpster bin. Here is a list of allowable materials you can load for disposal.

  • Furniture, bed frames and mattresses, and bedding. Sofas, couches, chairs. Tables, lamps, carpeting and area rugs, lighting and light fixtures, night tables, mattresses, clothes, rags and fabric.
  • Bikes, tricycles, kid’s toys, old wagons. Unwanted cribs, cots, etc.
  • Lawn tools, yard implements, metal equipment (excluding car parts), mowers, etc. Garage, basement and attic junk.
  • Wood or construction lumber, demolition or renovation debris, roof tiles, drywall, metal work, tiles, etc.
  • Lawn and hedge clippings, organic garden debris including, leaves, tree limbs, stumps, rocks, (excludes soil or sod)
  • Pallets, old shelving, used packaging and cardboard.

Please check our company’s do not load list for information about what you can load or cannot load into the dumpster, so that we don’t run into any snags or delays on garbage bin pick-up day. If you are at all unsure, please contact us to discuss what you would like to load into the bin. Feel free to check with us any time. This is part of our service to ensure you have a great experience with our dumpster rentals.

What projects can I do with a dumpster rental?

  • Junk Removal – Got a house or office full of junk? Get rid of it all at once.
  • Basement Cleanout – Reclaim your basement from years of accumulated stuff
  • Spring Cleaning – Get ready for summer and prep your home for
  • Storeroom clearout – Clear out old expired inventory that has no value
  • Closet Purge – Get rid of the old possessions that you no longer want
  • Estate Clearout – Clear a home and prepare it for sale
  • Pre-winter or Fall clear-out – Clear out after the summer and prepare for the winter
  • Winter storm debris removal – Dispose of blown-down trees, broken tree limbs, or other storm damaged or destroyed items.
  • Yard waste cleanup – Many people use a bin when they do landscaping or prune trees and bushes or if they have large volumes of organic material to remove like leaves or clippings.
  • Demolition – A bin is handy for debris if you need to take down a wall or outbuilding or are doing a basement or bathroom remodel
  • Office remodel or home renovations – Changing your home or office or upgrading rooms
  • Garage cleanup – Junk that is too big to put out with the trash can be disposed of in a dumpster rental.
  • Share a bin – Share the cost of a dumpster bin with a neighbor and clear out your homes together
  • Construction – Professional contractors and renovators can use our bins to keep worksites clear of garbage, debris and demolition materials.

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