A helpful guide to Whitby bin rentals

Our staff has created this information to help you with arranging a dumpster rental for Whitby homes and businesses. This helpful advice will assist you with your dumpster rental and short term garbage bin rental needs. Those looking to do junk removal projects will also find this information helpful as we provide bin rentals for that activity too.

Dumpster rental for Whitby residents

We love our Whitby customers and hope you will become a client when you learn what great service and rates our company offers when it comes to a dumpster rental for your home or business. Our Purple Dumpster rental experts are ready to help you with any size of clean-up project or junk removal plan.
Dumpster rentals for your Clarington home or business are simple to set up available from us, as our dispatch depot for a dumpster rental in Clarington is not far from you. Your area is one of the key markets we serve because our trucks are in there regularly.

How does a dumpster rental in Whitby work?

We are sure you have seen dumpster bins in back alleys behind some businesses or in the driveways of your neighbours. We will rent you a home-sized version of a similar garbage dumpster that is clean and painted purple. Then, here’s how it goes from there.

How to book a dumpster rental

  • You call us at 905-299-1024 and let us know when you need the dumpster and for how long. The rental period for most projects is usually 7 days long so you choose when it will arrive. We will also book a time and day for pickup up to a week later. (You can ask to have it picked up sooner if needed.)
  • We let you know the cost to have it delivered and picked from your home or business, which includes a flat per week rental charge for the actual dumpster and a one ton initial weight charge.
  • You can pay by a credit card or arrange to pay with cash.
  • Our Purple Dumpster driver is a dumpster bin rental expert, and they will deliver to your Clarington area home (or business) a clean and empty, easy to load bin (see dumpster sizes – you can choose what you need.

Day of your bin rental delivery

  • The dumpster delivery driver will place it on your premises making sure there is no damage to the driveway, asphalt or pavers or landscaping and other external fixtures. We will position the bin where you can easily access and load it. You can provide specific placement when you order, if you would like.

Bin rental loading

  • You and your cleanup team fill the garbage bin over the 7 days of the rental period. Please keep in mind the safety of the people who help you load the dumpster bin.
  • Do not overload the container. Ensure nothing is piled above the top edge of the garbage bin container. Ask our staff if you would like loading and safety tips. You can also ask our experts any questions and we would be happy to give you the information that you need.
  • During the rental period (usually 1 week) you can load in any garbage, junk or unwanted material you want with a few exceptions. (Be advised: Toxic and environmentally hazardous materials are not allowed. Be sure to review our do not load list.. items list) We itemize materials that will not be receivable by us when you book the bin rental. Please be sure to follow these important guidelines to ensure a problem-free dumpster rental. By law, we are required to limit hazardous materials as they require special handling and disposal procedures.
  • If you have disposal materials that you are unsure of call our customer line to inquire. Our staff will do their best to refer you to someone who can help you with a disposal material we cannot of handle.

Garbage bin rental pickup

  • When the dumpster is full and the rental period is over call us or pre-arrange a pickup time and our truck will return to your premises and load the dumpster safely and truck it away.
  • We recycle what can be recycled when we sort the bin contents at our sorting facility. Then our team safely and legally disposes of the non-recyclable materials.

After your bin rental completion

  • You become a return customer, because you are delighted by our helpful service, simple pricing and affordable rates.
  • You might even call us to book your next dumpster rental, refer us to a friend or post five star review on our Google Review area. If you want to take a moment, you can click here. and write a few kind words.

If you have questions about dumpster rentals for the Whitby area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to reach our office that serves Whitby homes and businesses

To get dumpster rental advice and for answers to any questions relating to garbage container rentals for your community, including Whitby garbage bylaws that relate to your planned cleanup, please contact our customer hotline at 905-299-1024

To email us about any issue that relates to your bin rental experience – before or after service, please email purpledumpster@gmail.com

We look forward to serving you in Whitby!

What can I load into the bin if I want to use it for junk removal?

With a few exceptions you can load whatever you want to dispose of in your rented bin. Here is a list of allowable junk and materials you can load for disposal.

  • Furniture, including mattresses, bed frames, and bedding. Sofas/couches. Chairs, tables, lamps, carpeting and area rugs, lighting and light fixtures, nightstands, mattresses, clothes, rags and fabric.
  • Bicycles, tricycles, childrens toys, lawn tools and implements, old metal equipment (excluding car parts), mowers
  • Lumber, demolition debris, roof tiles, drywall, metal work, tiles
  • Lawn clippings and garden debris including, leaves, tree limbs, stumps, rocks, (excludes soil and sod)

Please refer to our do not load list for additional info, so that we don’t run into any potential issues on removal day, when we come to remove your bin from your location. If you are in doubt, please do contact us to discuss what you would like to load into the bin. Check with us, as it is part of our service to ensure you have a good experience.

Helpful Whitby Local and Related Information

Dumpster rental service near you

Besides serving Whitby with dumpster rentals, we also provide bin delivery service to areas near you. So if you have another property or business near Whitby, in neighboring communities,please call us for convenient bin rentals in the following areas:

We also provide junk removal and garbage bin services in the western GTA including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and across the Halton Region to Hamilton and Guelph

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